Croft Real Estate has a truly successful track record when it comes to owners' needs with referenced clients.
For over 30 years, many of Rome’s most prominent families have depended on us to refer trustworthy foreign clients for their rental properties.
Having long-established relationships with local agents accessing hundreds of property owners in Rome and Italy, many of whom come with prior bad experiences in renting or selling, we understand the unique problems that the Italian property market, fiscal system and legislation present to the Italian Property Owner.

We have extensive practical experience in dealing with and satisfying Property Owners' special needs.



Croft is successfully run by an international staff and directed by a professional, with 30 years' of experience in Real Estate in the United States and Italy, dedicated to solving the complex problems involved in renting or selling your property.



  • Objective review of your property and appraisal based on its singular characteristics, both positive and negative.
  • Creative marketing of your property to international clients through our U.S. and U.K. firm through web and print advertising and directly
    via our established network.
  • Qualified referral for legal assistance in the preparation of contracts, leases and preliminary sales agreements.
  • Assistance in securing bank or insurance guarantees where requested.
  • Coordination minor repairs and major restorations.
  • Preparation of inventories, registration forms, cessione di fabbricato and other consignment procedures.
  • In addition, local relocation counselors we follow our clients after their move-in, we are available for general support in problem-solving and, of course, to share in the success!


Croft has successfully referred thousands of clients to local agents and landlords in Rome and, we know our clients very well.
Our reputation as a reliable company with dependable clients speaks for itself.
As your representative, we know that time is money, and our objective is to find you the best client in the shortest amount of time at the highest marketable rent.
Most importantly, we match apartments every day and are constantly improving and sharpening our methods in order to work in the most efficient way to meet your needs.



The more information you give us, the easier it will be to respond promptly to your request. All submitted forms are kept in our archive, so that if we do not currently have anything to propose matching your criteria, we will contact you as soon as something comes into our network meeting your requirements.